Workshop Photos

Great fun was had by all, thank you artists Niki, Maria, Zopi, Anne, Evey and Marcelle. We loved hosting you! Fil and Andre - April 2022

Creating with fluid acrylics.. - April 2022

Fitting hangers and varnishing - April 2022

Niki Symeonidis, Maria Butler, Fil, Zopi Mamacos, Anne Alexiou and Marcelle Spinks - April 2022

Gorgeous Beauties, all so different as these artists painted with fluid acrylics for the first time! - April 2022

Leonie Bowhill March 2022
"Thank you beautiful Fil! You help bring my imagination to life."

Zopi Mamacos and daughter Maria Butler March 2022

"When I come here, I get lost in painting with the love on this home & Fil's guidance. Thank you Fil & Andre"
"So happy with my daisies. Thank you Fil"

Niki Symeonides, Maria Butler, and their Mom, Zopi Mamacos. Wonderful to have you together!
Niki as a  new beginner, an absolute pleasure and a natural talent!

Marja Voges with her beautiful painting. February 2022
"Thanks for making me persevere."

Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas, safe holidays with loved ones and a creative 2022 in every way!
"Thank you for all your support, love Fil and Andre"

Zopi Mamacos - November 2021

"Thank you Fil, your amazing love, encouragement and patience. Love being here, always feeling good leaving the class."

Meena Deva - November 2021

"Thanks Fil for allowing me extra time and for your patience."

Marja Voges - November/December 2021

"Thank you!! As always I have learn't so very much. These last few months you managed to also give me the confidence to do my homework at home! Big step for me!"

Hema Manga - November 2021

"Always an inspiring time with Fil."

Maria Butler and mom Zopi Mamacos - October 2021

"This picture stretched and with the guidance and help from Fil it eventually came together.
Having a lot of fun. Thank you Fil."

"Fil you're great, I am very inspired. What I learnt was to relax and allow whatever to come out.
Lots of love Zopi."

Hema Manga and Meena Deva - September 2021
"An amazing time with Fil. New techniques and lots of patience and wonderful relaxing and therapeutic time."
"Loving my art time with Fil! learnt lots about under painting and contrasting with this painting."

Zopi Mamacos and her daughter Maria Butler July 2021
"Love being with you Fil. Thank you for your patience. Lots of love."
"Absolutely loved painting this picture. What fun. Thank you Fil "

Maria Butler July 2021
"I love being with Fil and am really enjoying learning about colours and texture."

Chante Stanfliet, Hema Manga, Meena Deva and Fil  June-July 2021
"I learned a lot about paint, techniques and looking at the world around me with artist's eyes." Chante
"Beautiful amazing experience, good time to unwind and relax." Hema
"Loved it! Have a new appreciation of art" Meena

Carmella Van Schalkwyk June - July 2021
"It was great being here again and painting amazing gnomes, mushrooms and snowy mountains."

Marja Voges June - July 2021
"Super class, I learned a lot again as always. Can't wait to start again."

In studio, artists at work! June - July 2021

Maria Butler with her Mom Zopi Mamacos. May-June 2021
'I have loved learning different techniques of painting and I've loved being with Fil,
she is an amazing teacher. " Maria
"I always love being with you Fil. I love your patience and your amazing love for art." Zopi

Marja Voges, May 2021
"You are a great teacher. You give comment when asked, but you let us lose to learn from our mistakes, which is very important as it allows one to improvise instead of copying. Never thought I could paint a tree but Fil showed me how. Learnt a lot again. Thank you Fil"

Carmella Van Schalkwyk, May 2021
"I enjoyed painting here and would like to paint more mushrooms."

Artists at work, May, June 2021

Marja Voges - "As per usual with good guidance I  really enjoyed this painting. Thank you Fil"

Carmella van Schalkwyk - "I loved painting here and having this experience to work with oil painting."


Artists at work in the studio - Feb 2020 Oil Painting Workshop

Margaret Parker - Feb 2020


Fil, Avril Fassbender, Marja Voges, Aiste Paige - Feb 2020


Session 1 under painting in monochrome - Feb 2020



Anne Alexiou and Fil - Nov 2019 (Ending 2019 with artist number 103!)


Lyn Vrettos - September 2019


Aiste Page & Daphne Earp-Jones - September 2019


Zopi Mamacos - September 2019


Margaret Parker - September 2019


Fil with her 100th artist Sue Hull, Fil gifted Sue with this celebration portrait.

The Constantiaberg Art Society painting challenge theme for May was "Hull". (Hull of a boat)

Fil painted and entered Sue's portait!- May 2019


Trish McAlister & Sue Hull - May 2019


Mother and Daughter, Val Toms & Claire Bell - April 2019


Mother and Daughter, Val Toms & Claire Bell - April 2019


Aiste Page & Zopi Mamacos - April 2019


Avril Fassbender - Feb 2019

Aiste Page - Feb 2019


Daphne Earp-Jones & Zopi Mamacos - Feb 2019


Claire Bell, Val Toms, Judith Brebner & Sarah Barnett - Feb 2019


It’s been another happy creative year in studio with new beginners and returning artists.
We have created memories captured on canvas while learning and growing from each painting workshop challenge and experience, with a lot of fun and encouragement.
Thank you to all my artists for your support and kind comments that I make a difference in your creative journeys. How I love art and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that almost 100 artists have painted with me from our little home studio.
How very apt is this beautiful verse and I hope it resonates with you in many ways.
“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12
Merry Christmas to you all and a Blessed Creative 2019 in every way with much love Fil and Andre.

Daphne Earp-Jones, Aiste Page & Marja Voges - November 2018


Hermione Giatis, Errol Burger & Glenys Earle - October 2018


Marion Miles, Daphne Earp-Jones, Shelagh Nelson & Linda Kruger - August 2018


Errol Burger, Claire Starke, Hermione Giatis & Glenys Earle - August 2018


Fun Fluid Acryclic Workshop with Daphne Earp-Jones & Fil - July 2018


Kirsty Knighton-Fitt, Reinette Fernandes, Hermione Giatis & Debbie Louw - May 2018


Linda Kruger, Marion Miles & Daphne Earp-Jones - May 2018


Marja Voges - May 2018



Great fun was had by all at Fil's Fun Fluid Acrylic Abstract Painting Workshop. Marja Voges - April 2018


Leonie Bowhill, Cherith Davidson, Daphne Earp-Jones & Sandy Churley - April 2018


Stephanie Thomas - April 2018


Rose Gardner, Shelagh Nelson, Marion Miles and Linda Kruger - April 2018


Ruth Cushing and Megan Korsten - April 2018


Cherith Davidson - Feb 2018


Stephanie Thomas, Avril Fassbender, Carol Mehl and Fil - Feb 2018


Daphne Earp-Jones, Sandy Churley & Cherith Davidson - Feb 2018



Daphne Earp Jones - September 2017


Marja Voges - September 2017


Kate Bowles - September 2017


Monica Madzanire - September 2017


Kate Bowles, Maggie Davis & Monica Madzanire - July 2017


Daphne Earp Jones & Marja Voges - July 2017


Marja Voges & Daphne Earp Jones - July 2017


Judy Bokhorst - July 2017


Judy Bokhorst - April 2017


Marja Voges & Leonie Bowhill - April 2017

Feb 2017 - Fil with new beginners, Roy and Joan Hindes, Keith Lawless and his mom Sharon


Feb 2017 - Leigh Ferreira, Marilyn Roberts, Marja Voges and Leonie Bowhill


Feb 2017 - Judy Bokhorst and Daphne Earp Jones


Artists Reunion 2016


Deepika Patel - Oct 2016


Beverley Popplestone and Leonie Bowhill - Oct 2016


Leigh Ferreira and her mom Marilyn Roberts - Oct 2016


Cherith Davidson and Leonie Bowhill Sept 2016


Fil with July 2016 artists Leonie Bowhill, Cheryl Ferguson from PE & Beverley Popplestone


Louis van Niekerk - June 2016


Judy Bokhorst - June 2016


Daphne Earp Jones, March 2016


Fun with abstracts, Feb 2016, Daphne Earp-Jones & Judy Bokhorst

Click here for Workshop Photos 2015


Cherith Davidson - Nov 2014                             Fil with Roxy Dinwoodie,
Roxy enjoyed a speed workshop of a Tree Landscape - Nov 2014

Anne Connelly and Rosemary Abrahams - Sept 2014

Judy Bokhorst - June 2014


Judy Bokhorst & Emmy Cooper - April, May 2014


Heidi Williams & Anthea Smith - Sept 2013


Beryl Blewett - July 2013

Zopi & Tony Mamacos - May 2013

Tony Mamacos & John Butler - April 2013

Zopi Mamacos, Jean Philips & Cherith Davidson - April 2013

What a joyful April month in studio with Fil. Creating memories on canvas…
in the painting journey with dear friends and family sharing this experience together. Bravo! 15 paintings between us.


Zopi Mamacos with her Cape Seascapes - March 2013


In 2013 Fil is looking forward to a year of happy painting and creating memories on canvas…
All 53 artists in almost 7 years have shown enthusiasm to learn in a fun way taking away new techniques
and ideas, enjoying themselves as much as Fil delights in their growth and learning from them too!

Vanessa McDonnell, Zopi Mamacos & Pam Edgar - February 2013


Fil's 50th artist, Cherith Davidson - October 2012

This achievement took 6 years. 
When Fil started giving oil painting workshops in 2006 she had no idea that they would be so successful,
but by 2011 she set a goal to have 50 artists by her 50th birthday.
It so happened that by her 51st she had Cherith the one and only new artist in 2012 join her for classes.


Beryl Fouche and Cherith Davidson - May 2012

Carol, Caryn, Fil, Lizette and Vanessa – 12 paintings between us! Great start to 2011

Carol Earley, Caryn Kingwill, Lizette Friskin and Vanessa Szollosi March 2011

Artist Fil with work in progress… Feb 2011


Sam Carpenter, Lizette Friskin and Sue Griffiths October 2010

Judy Bokhorst and Debbie Devey August 2010

Marja Voges and Jane Harwood August 2010


Marjan Butler, Jane Harwood, Marja Voges May/June 2010

Beryl Fouche May/June 2010

Judy Bokhorst May 2010

Jo and Tony Edwards March 2010


Artist at work! Judy Bokhorst February 2010

Suzy Lorkin and Ray Clements February 2010


Fil presented Nicolas Vafaes a surprise portrait gift for his 100th birthday celebration in Johannesburg on the 22nd November 2009

Artist Reunion 7 November 2009, Tokai Library Hall



Jane Harwood, Marjan Butler and Marja Voges October 2009

Daphne Earp-Jones, Solo exhibition at the Lindberg Art Foundation in Muizenberg November 2009

Margaret Parker August 09

Thirza Munro, Beryl Fouche and Samantha Carpenter June 2009

Marie Mc Evoy, Wendy Potgieter, Felicity Garbers, Jo Edwards.

april 2009



Michelle Pocock april 2009

Michelle Pocock february 2009


Wendy Potgieter, Jo Edwards, Fil, Felicity Garbers,

Marie Mc Evoy. New beginners february 2009

Karen Steinhofel and Debbie Devey november 08

Fil's Artists Reunion at Tokai Library 22 Nov 2008

Judy Bokhorst and her artworks at the reunion
Reunion artworks

Some of the artists at the reunion, delighted to meet again

The Devey Family

Sisters, Rose and Daphne



Reunion of artists on 1st December 07. Seen here are some of Fil's artists with their paintings.All paintings in oils showed a variety of styles, techniques and growth. The workshops have been thoroughly enjoyed by the artists as they are encouraged to continue painting in this versatile medium.

Vanessa Szollosi, Ellen de Waal, Alexandra Berger and Michelle Pocock april 08

Margaret Parker february 07


Pat Bamford & Judy White march 07

Pauline Rabie february 07


Karen Cooper may 07

Maryke Ball may 07


Janet Wileman june 07

Philippa Clemo june 07


Judy Bokhorst august 07

Colleen Browne august 07


Colleen Browne september 07

Dee van Breda september 07


Debbie Devey october 07

Ilona Apel october 07